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It is time for high school seniors in the class of 2014 to have their portraits made. At Treasured Memories we strive to insure that these are not the same portraits that you have had made for the last 12 years of school. Care is taken to insure that your personality come through in all of your images.


Here are some suggestions to help make your senior portrait session a success:


- If you are going to have a hair style change do not wait until the last minute. Give it a chance to "settle down".


- Tux jackets, shirts, bowties and drapes are provided for the sake of uniformity in the yearbook


- We encourage you to bring at least one casual set of clothing for images that are relaxed and show your own attitude and style.


- Bring items that are special to you and your high school experience. Letter jackets, uniforms, sports equipment, musical instruments, awards


- Casual portraits may be made both inside and outside. Locations are available around every location that lend themselves to the lens that the eye may not see.


- If you are bringing a pet please bring someone else to help handle it when it is not in the picture. For everyone's safety and peace of mind please be considerate.


The investment in senior portraits is worth the effort. For many these are the first "studio" portraits that feature them as adults. If you have special request or needs please give our office a call at (706) 549-4334 or email us at info@tmemories.com.



In addition to all of the activities listed below you may not realize that Treasured Memories also provides photography for business websites. Give us a call for specific request. Football, soccer, volleyball, cheerleading and other fall activities are in line for much exciement and memories. Give us a call if we can help preserve your memories of all of your activities. We cover dances as well as homecoming events.





Don and Kathy Griner