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1. What is the delivery time for our pictures? Your portraits will be delivered in approximately three weeks.
2. How long does it take for each class to be photographed? Each class is photographed in about 10 minutes from the time they arrive at the camera.
3. How should we bring the classes to the photographer ? Classes should be brought to the camera in shortest to tallest order.
4. Can the school help to make picture day an enjoyable experience for all? Parent helpers are a great help in making sure that the students have their hair combed and to make sure that faces are clean. Also making sure that the flyers announcing picture day are sent home about 1 week in advance with a reminder the day before picture day is very helpful.
5. Can more than one student be photographed in the picture? Siblings will be photographed together if the parents wish. Multiple students in one picture are made in the spring.
6. Where would be the best location to have the photographer setup ? The best areas for photography would have two entrances and a minimal number of windows. It makes for easy entry and exit and helps us to control the lighting.
7. What happens if a parent has a problem with their child's school picture packet? In the fall a parent would have the opportunity of having a retake made on a later date. If the parent wishes to have a refund, the package should be returned to the school and a refund will be issued.
8. Do you offer any additional photography services? We offer a full range of photography. We will cover class reunions, sports teams, weddings and private sittings.

FAQ for daycare

1. Can I split a package between poses? No, each package is designed to be printed from one pose. Multiple packages can be ordered.
2. Can a print be retouch? A print can be retouched, but at an additional $25 charge. It will be processed after the original order has been processed. Usually in three weeks.
3. Do you accept credit cards? Credit cards are not accepted on Daycare orders unless they are called in to our office (706) 549-4334 in advance.
4. Will you photograph my children together? Yes, we will photograph multiple children in a daycare situation. You may also bring in other siblings that do not attend the daycare.
5. What background will be used? You can look on the opening page of our website for the current background and scene that will be used each season.